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One of the biggest ironies I’ve ever come across would be the Japanese. I mean if you think about it, they don’t want to have families, or at least most of them, for the reason that they want to progress believing that having a family by having a baby would only stifle their progression. They tend to be indifferent and that is why the populace of their natural borns are drastically waning. Then again, they have the best porn sites that anyone could ever come upon. They have the women who have the prowess in the art of nudity. They are a complete package when it comes to sensuality. All these we get to see with some of the epitomes of Japanese porn with one being up for review today called All Japanese Pass.

Applicable to all of the porn industry would be that if there is the word pass, you are to expect something massive. You see, it equates to passage and it could go a long way where you get to see so many things as you embark the journey. And just like that, All Japanese Pass will make you encounter different experiences from the different niche site it holds namely Nippon Nudity, Tokyo Big Titted Girls, Haiku and Sexers, Nagasaki Prurience and so much more. does not settle for anything less than the best and we see proof everywhere, from its pop culture of anime and music. As such, this mega porn collection site depicts great fervor in the art of nudity. The kind of contents you are to look forward to would be full movies and mini shows. So basically, they would range from 15 minutes at the least all the way to 80 to 90 minutes at the most for a full blown Japanese sensual art movie. Collectively, there are over 22,000 high quality videos with most of them playable as HD videos. While not all can be HD executed, they are certainly of high grade quality, as vivid as can be.

Like all review finalities, we turn to the pricing. With All Japanese Pass being a $19.95 a month porn site, it is the least to say it’s worth the spend. That’s why you get a 9.5 out of 10 experience from here.