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I always wanted to see how it is to be like in the porn industry, let alone the auditions and how they go. Whenever people talk about the “couch”, it kind of took me a while to realize the reference they were talking about. Little did I know that it was actually the ultimate prop whenever new women were about to audition for the adult industry. It kind of also made me wonder about the ones that claim to have fake recruiters just so they could make an excuse to fuck random women. I really love the idea of that knowing that even those were actually scripted. Anyways, the reason I’m saying these is because Backroom Casting Couch is actually one of those brilliantly contrived porn sites.

What is Backroom Casting Couch?

If you’re thinking about a porn site that is jam packed with audition videos for the porn industry, then yes, you are definitely right. Our society has become more open to things like porn and such. And, if I didn’t know any better, I wouldn’t have been able to determine the premise of the site even though the name of it made things really obvious. Anyways, Backroom Casting Couch is like the ultimate compendium of scenes that depict the initial stages of women engaging the world of porn.

What Do You Get with Backroom Casting Couch?

All the things that you get out of Backroom Casting Couch relate to what it tries to accomplish, which is of course to give a real life illustration of how it goes for a lot of women before they even get the actual scene for the porn industry. The materials out of the site can be pretty interesting to watch. First of all, there are over 270 high definition videos, all running at 15 minutes each on average. Another thing is that there are over 270 models hooked into the backstage of the site. So, what does that tell you? That means there’s one video per auditionee! Every video comes a new face and body. 

Subscribing to Backroom Casting Couch only takes $24.95 per month. So, is it worth the spend? Indeed it is.