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So how many guys have thought about being able to give hot women massages and to be paid for it? OK I know I have and there is no way that I can be the only one. That is the entire premise of Dirty Masseur, so of course I was intrigued enough to want to find out more.

Oiled Up And Ready To Go.

These porn stars find themselves getting all oiled up and ready for a relaxing massage, but of course they end up getting more than they bargained for. Yes it starts off with that massage, but it is followed up by them being fucked hard and yes it is as hot as you think.

Brazzers Really Knows What It Is Doing.

The site itself is part of the Brazzers network, but then that is a good thing in my book. It means that the action may be slightly corny in the build up to the fucking, but when they start the action it is difficult for it to be beaten. I am meaning the angles are perfect, so you can see everything going on and it is all in crystal clear HD.

The Site Just Keeps Getting Bigger

It might only have around 150 scenes so far, but of course you also get to check out the other sites that Brazzers have in their network. That means you get thousands of scenes with all of the hottest porn stars right now or in the last few years. I know that I need a lot of spare time to work my way through everything that is on offer here.

HD, Downloads, And Great Navigation.

Navigating the site is so easy as is downloading the content. You have a number of options with the downloading and no restrictions, which I absolutely love. The only issue I have had is trying to work out how I am going to store everything on the one computer, but it is a nice problem to have.

Dirty Masseur is a cool website and it is right up there with the others on offer by Brazzers. This guy has the best job in the world and yes it is even better than my job of writing about porn all day.