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Of all the years of academe, college will always be the most memorable among all of the stages of the endeavor. It is perhaps the culmination of the entire experience with the freedom granted to the students, a kind of liberation that had to wait for many years of pre-college education. This is usually the reason why people tend to go wild and out when they enter college, which really makes things a lot more interesting than ever. It is also the time when one finds out that there are eccentric groups out there who seek for brotherhood and sisterhood. As to what these groups are, watching the contents of Haze Her alone should be more than enough introduction. 

What is Haze Her?

Haze Her is about sorority groups in college requiring the act of hazing. So basically, it’s all about the commencements prior to being a fully pledge sorority member, as well as the activities required of the members as they advance through the stages of their meaningful endeavor. Though it is quite rare, there are videos where the sorority groups would actually hire a couple men as a gift to amount to the loyalty of the members. They are given the commission to blow their cocks and be fucked by them in the wildest of ways, in the eyes of all the members or in private rooms. Boy, the guys sure are lucky bastards!

The site originally started with ten videos, the last time I checked the videos, there are over hundreds already and I was just like “wow”, this is amazing. Each video runs at 15 minutes, in average. Some videos can go as far as 22 minutes while others could be only for 10. All the videos are of high quality and there are also photo galleries depicting all the sexy hazing activities of the sororities. 

Viewing the videos of course will require a registration at a cheap rate of 10 dollars a month. Then it gives you more than your money’s worth. Haze Her it is!