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Lust HD is an interesting site that most people who are reading this may have never heard about before in their entire lives. They attempt to capture teen sex as it happens for an amateur and voyeuristic feeling while being shot in the latest high definition.

Like most other new sites or sites that were not rendered by a professional designer, the ultimate downfall of Lust HD is the fact that it is just a bunch of videos splayed across the screen, with absolutely no way of picking through it. This will leave you looking for that video that you saw a few days ago, but now are unable to find. I have to give it to them, though, this site does have one of the fastest streaming times that you can hope for on the web today. This means that with all of their unlimited download offers you will be able to pull down a full length video in just minutes if you have the right equipment.

When it comes to the amount of videos, Lust HD is hovering somewhere near seven hundred, which is a decent amount if their claim is true that all of the material is exclusive to their site, tube sites notwithstanding. In terms of the amount of models that they employ, at last count they had over three hundred, which is a decent amount but it is not going to put them in the highest tiers of the adult entertainment industries for sure. If you are looking to join Lust HD, which you may consider knowing the content, then you will need to pick from one of their membership plans.

Right now they are running a deal where you can either sign up monthly for $9.87, or you can buy for six months or a year at a time and receive a huge discount, down to just ten dollars a month. Overall, Lust HD is clunky to look at and very difficult to search through, giving it an average rating for content and web layout.